Reasons for private jet: The Top 5

Are you still unsure if you should rent a private jet and if it really is the right one for you? Here are the five most important reasons for private jet rental that will make your decision easier!

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Reason 1: freedom

You are no longer tied to unfavorable scheduled flights including delays, fixed departure locations or times. Transfers and overnight stays at the airport can be easily prevented with a private jet flight.

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Reason 2: Independence

You want to travel to a place that is not served by the major airlines? Just rent a private jet and you are ready to go!

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Reason 3: Flexibility

You have a lot of luggage with you and the surcharge at the airlines is bordering on the immeasurable? Then flying in a private jet is probably a worthwhile alternative for you.

Reason 4: Exclusivity

Feel like a celebrity and enjoy the exclusive moments above the clouds with your loved ones: Highest service, no annoying seat neighbors and the whole cabin just for you. Spend time in the air to hold secret meetings, hold business appointments, or just relax 10 kilometers up in a unique ambience.

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Reason 5: Individuality
When you are flying with a private jet it is all about you right from the start. Use extra gates at the airport, be greeted by the crew and have a chat with the pilot. Experience luxury at a high level.

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