Rent a private jet: This is how it works

Chartering a private jet has many advantages. In addition to the unique feeling of belonging to the most privileged people in the world, it can also have many practical reasons. And although many airlines offer increasingly sophisticated seating options, a flight in a private jet remains unrivaled. We introduce you to the process here.

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We only work with licensed partners who stand for highest reliability and safety. Basically, two pilots always fly an airplane.

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VIP already at the entrance.
Most airports have separate terminals for private flights. There is a specially for the area parked staff available, which looks after you, gives further instructions and brings you directly to the aircraft. Normally it will be enough to be there around 30 minutes before the flight. Exactly this is one of the
main advantages: Even if private jet does not fly significantly faster than airliners (but usually rise much faster), you save time above all on the ground.

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Even the little friend is welcome

Especially animal lovers would love a private jet flight. When dogs or cats travel, during regular scheduled they fly often in the cargo room, which can be extremely traumatic for the four-legged friends. In a private jet they can be in the cabin. Travel documents and vaccinations for each country are required.